Hello and welcome to my little slice of the internet! I’m Matt and I want to learn how to be a better cook and share my experience and new findings with you! What I really like about cooking is the behind the scenes operation (sort of the science of how ingredients interact with each other) that come together to make something that tastes amazing! I hope to be informative and to add a lighthearted, easy going vibe that makes learning fun and not a chore. I genuinely think anyone can cook if they approach it with the right mindset, it just takes a little practice. I plan to start with mostly simple recipes and techniques and then we’ll work our way up to some more difficult stuff. So, if you need a good place to start, go to the oldest posts you can find (not that this whole dealio is very old yet anyways)! Down the road I hope to be doing breads, pastries, cakes, the 5 mother sauces, stocks, soups, risottos and anything else suggested! As far as techniques we’ll go over knives, leavening agents, flours (yes it matters!!), cooking methods, types of cuts, tempering, emulsification and again just about anything else! That said this isn’t really sequential in the sense that you have to read everything beforehand to get going if you got the basics down. So that’s the gist of the environment I’d like for this blog, let’s talk a little more about me!  


Chef with Cutting Board and Green Onions


Welp to start; I love dogs, cooking, video games and sharing good food and knowledge. I was born and raised in the same city and really don’t have any plans to change that. Nonetheless i love getting out of my home city to go anywhere I possibly can. One of my favorite things is experiencing the local food of a new region. When I can’t travel I like to chill at home and hang out with my best-friend and partner, Hayley, who also does my photography and most of my website stuff (check her out here). Oh and I love coffee! A day is not started without a little bit of that liquid, black gold (look we had these coffee shots and I had to say something relevant about it haha)!


Man Holding Cup of CoffeeMan with Cup of Coffee


Anyways more about my cooking background and why I’m trying out a blog:

So, I pretty much have been ‘cooking’ since I was old enough to hold a spoon and a mixing bowl on the floor while I mixed together some masterful creations like cheez its, marshmallows and pretzels. A few later I moved on to spaghetti and sloppy joe. Not to much later in life I decided I was going to go into the restaurant business as a career. I began and ended that journey by going to a trade school for several years to study culinary arts. I loved the atmosphere of the kitchen, people rushing around, the banter, and creating a difficult dish you could be proud of. That said, I did not find a love for the lifestyle of a fine-dining restaurant worker. I realized the extremely late and long days would not give me a flexible enough schedule to pursue other desires like building a family. Since then I admittedly have become rusty on a lot of these techniques as time went on. I’d love to re-hone my skills, re-learn a lot and learn some stuff that I’ve never learned before. So we can do this journey together!

Chef clapping with Flourchef kneading dough


After I change my mind I went to college and am currently finishing up a degree in information systems. I also have job that will meld with my degree post graduation. Nonetheless, I still have a passion for cooking and sharing recipes, techniques, tips, tricks and just about anything revolving cooking. So here I am trying to create a community to share experiences with where we can grow and learn together. I hope that if you’re reading this you decide to embark on this journey with me! I know a bit but am hoping to grow and hone my skills as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to drop a line in the comments or contact me on social media, I’d love to interact with you!